Full Automatic Ultrasonic Open Cam Paper Cup Machine
Full Automatic Ultrasonic Open Cam Paper Cup Machine
Model No.ZBJ-OC12
Full Automatic Ultrasonic Open Cam Paper Cup Machine
Stand thickness:

Stand wheels:

Table and stand:

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ZBJ-OC12 Full Automatic Ultrasonic Open Cam Paper Cup Machine

Our newly designed ZBJ-OC12 paper cup forming machine is a fully automatic paper cup forming machine, which can produce different sizes of paper cups with a series of continuous process, including automatic paper feeding through more than 2 times, paper anti-withdrawal device(to ensure accurate positioning), ultrasonic welding, transferring paper fan by magic hand, silicone oil lubricating, bottom punching, bottom folding, bottom pre-heating, buttom knurling, cup discharging. The machine, researched and developed by our company, is improved in stablity after comprehensive technical improvements.




Cup size:

3-16oz(different size mold exchanged)

Raw Material:

One-side or Two side PE coated paper


Suitable paper weight:




70 ~ 90 PCS/minute (depend on cup size, speed different)

Speed affected by cup size, paper quality & thickness

Power source::

220V,380V 50HZ(please inform us your power in advanced)

Total power:

9KW / 15KW

Working Power:

4 KW (compressor hot air) / 13.5KW  Blower- hot air


GW/NW: 2600/2500KG

Package size:

2250 x 1340 x 1950 mm

Working Air Source:

Air pressure:0.4Mpa;  Air Out-put:0.6m³/minute

User should BUY Air Compressor

Cup Side Welding:


Cup Bottom Heating:

Hot Air  (Need Air compressor supply air)

Or Self Hot Air (blower hot air)

Cup Bottom Knurling:

Heater Knurling (if use single PE coated paper)

Cool Device (circle water), for double PE coated paper





Top: 45~90 mm


Bottom: 35~72 mm


Height: 40~136 mm


Main improved: 

Speed 70~90 cup/minute

HMI & PLC Program computer control, easy operate, fault auto-stop and easy solution.

Adopt Open Cam (8-divide) for the dividing moving, compare with index gear box, easy maintenance, stable and reliable, easy replace broken parts.

Main mechanism and movement control by quality gears and shaft/axis, which is more efficient than chain axis.

Only ONE main turntable, more efficient and reliable.

Self lubricate (automatic oil lubricate),

11 sensors detect all steps, any fault auto stop,

Remote controller, easy control and adjustment,


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