Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine
Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine
Model No.USF-800
Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine
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USF-800 Ultrasonic Label Slitting Machine

USF-800 Ultrasonic label slitting machine adopts the ultrasonic system imported from Germany

and imported FIFE deviation rectification system. The incision is automatically sealed without

melting edge, raw edge and losse edge, etc. There is no need for preheating, which allows to

have a high efficiency. The products will not turn black and be burned, and the incisions are

soft, beautiful and flat. Adjustable blade adapter can adjust the distance between the blades

according to different requirements, which can also be moved to the left and right as a whole.

The more flexible and changeable adjustment makes production smoother. The imported

round blade, with an excellent quality, makes it easy to achieve the best slitting effect. The

adaptation of professional industrial control circuit and touch screen system, to have a

real-time recording and monitoring on the tension and production history, so as to achieve

the standardization management.






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