Automatic weighing and velvet Stuffing Machine
Model No.ZJ-SCM-2P
Automatic weighing and velvet Stuffing Machine
Price in reward points: 153000
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1, Two scale alternating out of velvet.

2, Down filling with air pressure filling method, does not damage down, can keep down the original soft and elastic and feel.

3, Quantitative and accurate, can choose and set the range of error, effective the contradictory relationship between the filling weight and the filling efficiency.

4, The operation is simple

5, Down in the full closure of the equipment cycle, to ensure the production site clean and tidy environment.

6, Good stability, the key components of imported components.

7, High degree of autoimation, the whole machine adopts PLC automatic control.

8, High production efficiency, each charge time 1-8 seconds.

Voltage 380V
Power (W) 2000W
Filling quantity 5KG
Filling speed 1-8 seconds / one time

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