Computerized hot-cement edge folding machine
Computerized hot-cement edge folding machine
Model No.JK-288
Computerized hot-cement edge folding machine
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The machine adapts of material of PVC,PU leather,nature leather,artificial leather and cloth for shoes, leather bag, wallet and cell-phone cover which are made of leather. It can automatically gelatinize with hot-cement. Widely be used in the footwear, leather and other industries.


The machine is combination of automatic gluing and vamp folding .When the target material go through it, can cement and fold at the same time. Eliminating manual operation, improve work efficiency.

The machine uses thermo-cement and also fold the edges glued leather.

This machine uses the computer control excurvation, straight line and incurvation with automatic speed change, gluing and folding at the same time, so that the whole process is intelligent. It has the functions of incurved distance adjustable, automatic gear cutting, and motor control positioning .When bending outside, it can automatically slow speed and edge folding.

The folding width can be adjusted 3mm-8mm, can also fold the reinforcing tape.

This machine has the function of gear cutting automatically. New style folding device, improved pressuring and guiding device etc. New style speed change device, so easy regulating and accurate indicating.

When putting in skin material ,”Iron hammer” can automatic open, the pressure foot to be able automatically to lift.

Light sensitive resistance controls the discharge stably and accurately.

Advanced style folding device, regulates conveniently. The flanging is smooth and the width is even .The flanging effect and working efficiency are better than the manual operation. The machine design is beautiful and generous which is the best choice to the footwear, leather goods, jewelry industry.

New concept of intelligent design, when working, the entire program be controlled by the computer, need not operator control the pedal. So the operator only need grasp the feed’s location and the numbers of feeding.

HS code 845229

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